A car has a purpose and is to take one, from one destination to another.
A knife has a purpose, to cut bread and food to eat and to be kept in the kitchen.
A gun has no purpose but to install a bullet in the gun barrel, pull the trigger to fire and to kill.  
When one holds a gun to shoot
The thumb rests on one side of gun, pointing to the aim
The index finger points to the front resting on the trigger
The remaining three fingers holding the gun pointing backward at you
When the trigger is pulled with the index finger, your thumb point up to the sky
You may have killed and sent a loved one to heaven, but
Four fingers than point at you, backfiring on your life four times
One - getting CHARGED and CONVICTED
Two - labelling yourself as a MURDERER
Three - getting yourself caught in LIFE sentence in PRISON
Four - getting your family caught in your prison SENTENCE
Don't THINK once,
Don't THINK twice,
THINK sense
Eliminate metal guns and VALUE HUMAN LIFE, as well as your own  
Quoted by:- Iffat Rizvi, Sabina Rizvi's Mum